March 24th

The worst is when you see articles of clothing that you love whether it’s on someone else or on a model in ad and you have no idea where it’s from. Download the new ASAP54 app. Take a picture of the article of clothing and the app uses image recognition to show you where you can buy something similar or identical. Even if you love a pattern on a table cloth, take a pic, ASAP54 will show you articles of clothing similar to the pattern! After you snap the pic, select what item of clothing you want; tops, blouses, dresses, skirts, shorts, pants, jackets, bags, and more! It has a database for guys clothing too!! ASAP54's database use over 150 sites and has 700,000 listed items, it plans to have 3 million by September. Yes, I will be snapping pics of random girls walking down the street, hey, it’s for the sake of fashion. Download the app!

Standing in the aisle at the store trying to find the best moisturizer, face wash, or sunscreen for your skin type and lifestyle is really overwhelming. Head to and use their product selector and choose the type of product you’re looking for: moisturizer, sunscreen, cleanser. The next step is what body part the product will be used on. It then generates a page full of products where you’ll also have the option to sift through other preferences like fragrance free, the type of dispenser (pump, jar, etc.), for men or women, and more. The products on are selected based on scientific evidence, ingredient content, product availability, and price. It breaks down the everyday brands we see at the drugstore to make shopping easier!