June 18th



I started following the bracelet company, Cruciani, on Instagram when they were in my Explore feed and I have fallen in love with their product! They are the original macrame bracelets, the designs are colorful with tons of detail and they are completely flat. The craze of this bracelet originally took off in Italy, went all over Europe, and Japan and now the U.S. The Cruciani collection is vibrant in colors and comes in several designs. It’s like a badass friendship bracelet!


I'm a addicted to a new recipe site: KitchenDaily.com! I made a their recipe for Mexican Stuffed Peppers with Quinoa and Black Beans and felt like I was a friggin’ professional! The site helps you plan out all of yours meals for the week. It gives you recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner Sunday through Saturday. You can search Kitchen Daily’s database for old recipes, check out recipes by category, watch videos on cooking tips, and more! Their recipes are different yet don’t call for a lot of ingredients or a lot of weird ingredients which is what I HATE when searching recipes. Their best feature is that you can adjust the amount of people you are cooking for in some of the recipes so you don’t have to do math when it comes to portions and ingredients!