April 25th



Women everywhere need a Little Pink Box!! According to Danielle women everywhere already have one! HAHA! Send this box to all of the women in your life and they will love you. Every month the box is filled with yummy things to taste and items to help you relax…all of which are handmade or created by small, woman-owned, business! Mother’s Day is around the corner, this is a wonderful gift for mom! Shop subscriptions from 1 month to 12 months and you can also choose when you want it to arrive, they recommend timing it with a woman’s period to cheer her up! Their mission is to empower and celebrate women! Our listener Tearney got one from a co-worker after a rough day and it cheered her up!


Could this be a new nail fad? Cuticle Tattoos! Rad Nails has come up with a way to add some style to your nail art without actually putting anything on your nail. The temporary tattoo goes near your cuticle.  The cuticle tattoos make your nails appear longer than they are. You can also use the tattoos on your nail as well!  Each set is $6 and comes with 7 different sizes of the design and two of each size. Hurry up and buy them before this trend goes away!