INSULTING WORDS: It takes a lot of courage for a guy to start a conversation with a girl at a bar or club. So guys, after attempting to start a conversation what was the rudest thing she said to you to shoot you down??

FELL OUT OF A TREE: A friend of Greg T’s was trying to get a balloon out of a tree for his kid when he slipped and fell out of the tree. So, Greg T wants to know, when did you last fall out of a tree, and how are you today?

DIDN’T DO IT THIS SUMMER: A friend of Greg T’s told him that summer is almost over and she still has not gone swimming. WHAT! What have you still not done this summer?

RESTAURANT SECRETS: Greg T learned from a friend that this restaurant he has been to has a secret sauce that is made of ketchup and mayo. People love it, but they have no idea! What are other restaurant secrets that people have no idea about??

FELL ASLEEP AT THE PARTY: Someone Greg T knows (he won’t say who!) got their eyebrows shaved because they passed out at a party! What has happened to you when you passed out at the party?