Looks like Ed Sheeran is taking a page from pal Taylor Swift’s song-writing book!

Rumor has it that Ed Sheeran’s song “Don’t” on his newest album "X" is all about his short relationship with Ellie Goulding. Talking to Billboard Magazine, Ed reveled, “The story in ‘Don’t’ is 100 percent true.I could have gotten nastier – there was more shit I didn’t put in.”  He also told the magazine, “I was seeing someone for a bit of time, and then they ended up physically involved with one of my friends in the same hotel that we were staying in, while I was downstairs.”

The singer confirmed in 2013 that he and Goulding did have a relationship, but that they broke up. Fans eventually jumped to conclusions that the breakup was because of rumors floating around that Ellie was seeing One Direction star Niall Horan on the side. 

Source: Billboard Magazine