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He is a master of bass, an amateur chef with a mean fried chicken recipe, and some pretty handy life tips. As Rusko gets ready to hit the road for two months, he has also prepared a ton of new music to unleash on his fans.

We caught up with Rusko before his set at TomorrowWorld where he talked about his upcoming tour with Roni Size, frozen towels, and fried chicken. Check it out below:

Are you excted to be performing on the All Your Bass Are Belong to Us stage at TomorrowWorld?

Yeah, I'm excited. I'm stoked. I'm stoked. In one week I go out on tour for two months, the longest tour I’ve ever done. So for the last four weeks now, I haven’t played at any shows. I have my deck set up in my studio, and all I’ve been doing is working on this new set. Working on an amazing new set, like doing ten minutes a day. New mixes, new songs. Like, trying the mix out, go on the computer, changing the track. [It's] all I’ve been doing for the last month. So I get to try out all my new material. This is like my tour starting today, that I’ve been working on for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks. If you're hoping to sing along to classic tracks, ain’t going to happen. Brand new material. There’s nothing more exciting to me, than hearing a tune I made in my little bedroom at home, on a big-ass stage, with lots of people dancing and everything. That’s the best feeling, and to see the transition. For me, just in my boxers, in the middle of the night, making some stupid little tune. And then playing it. Like that transition trips me out. Still does. I love that. So to get to do that so many times, with a brand new set like this. It’s so exciting. It's like the first show of a tour for me right now, at least how I'm counting it.

What are you are looking forward to the most about your "Lift Me Up Tour?"

I think just playing with Roni Size. He’s like the original. Roni Size and Goldie are like the two legends of drum and bass. The real originators. So I just finished the track with Roni Size, that we're gonna release it while we're on tour together. So to play a tour with him ... it's like a soul singer getting to make a track with Marvin Gaye. It's like a hero, a legend, and an amazing guy, so I'm just looking forward to just feeding off that. I'm gonna take my laptop. I'm gonna make tons of tunes. Like, he's just a great musical guy. He plays lots of instruments and stuff like that. So yeah, just being on tour with a legend, in my own eyes. It's gonna be awesome. Like, I can't believe he's even coming, it's a tripout. I have 'til Friday to finish it [the song]. I wish we had a name, 'cause I could blast it at all these interviews, but I'm like, "We have the song but it doesn't have a name." But the plan is, I have 'til Friday to finish it, and then we leave on Friday on the bus. That's when the tour bus picks us up, and we don't come back 'til December.  Right now it's called 'Rusko/Roni 3, Version 2'. (Laughs) That's not very exciting though. 

Being that you're going to be on tour for two months, what is in your rider?

I just changed it. I have the normal booze and stuff like that. Things that are essential are coconut water. Pure coconut water. It's like the best thing for hydration, and for hangovers. Pound a couple of those the morning after a hangover. Amazing. That's really handy. Frozen towels. They put them in the freezer all day, and they're like ice cold. Don't wet them. Just put them in the freezer. So when I'm sweating, under the lights and the red-hot stage, my towel is actually freezing. I don't know anybody that does that. Everybody ... Life tip! Yeah, and if you had a really spicy meal, TP in the freezer. You know what I'm talking about.  TP in the freezer. Soothing.

How does playing multiple instruments influence your producing?

Oh, all the time. I actually like, I sit at the computer making electronic music with electronic instruments and computer programs, but I have my guitar right next to me. When I'm working and I hear a melody in my head, I will play it out on the guitar first. It's really weird. I mean I think in guitar. That was like the first thing I learned, guitar and the bass, so I think in guitar, which is really weird. Always when I make a beat, I always have that, 'cause it's really nice working out little chords and stuff like that. If you have a little nice melody, you can work out an easier compliment. I never really recorded it too much. I think one track, in my whole career, I've ever put guitar on. I should do it more often really. It's sat there, right next to me, the whole time. So yeah, it's cool, but I also play in a band. I have a band back in LA.

What's it called?

El Capitan. It's a guy from Bad Religion and a dude from Strung Out. So it's like super punk rock. But I get to play guitar and keyboards and stuff, so yeah, I kind of tickle all my musical bones. So when I'm not set at a computer, or making repetitive dance music, I get to rock the f**k out! So, it's cool. It's total California.

We saw the video of you making fried chicken. Where did you learn that?

Oh God. Yeah, that's my secret recipe. Well not anymore it's not. Everybody knows it now. [I learned] through trial and error. I mean, I love celery seeds. I love celery, so I would cook with celery seeds a lot, and I just tried it once. I mean, fried chicken is great with celery, you know? Buffalo wings you get with celery. Like it works. Why not put the celery in the batter? That’s what I thought. That was my logic. Put the celery in the batter. Then I used the same thing with cauliflower. It's really good. Life half-boil the cauliflower, and then do the same batter. It's really good, like for a vegetarian. The first thing I got when I got my house in LA was a chef kitchen. Like, professional double oven and like a big hot-plate on the top. Like, that was the most essential thing for my house. 

What do you always like to have in your kitchen?

Restaurant-grade cooker, all the time. I cook on tour too. 

If the Food Network came to you and offered you your own cooking show, what would you name it?

I guess it would be 'Rusko's Munchies'. I mean, people know that I'm a little bit of a stoner, so that would probably be me getting high, and making munchie foods, pretty much. Like fried chicken. Like totally awesome, greasy, salty, munchie food. So maybe 'Rusko's Munchies', but I'd love to film it when I'm on tour. Like, go to a city, check out the food of the city, and then film a little bit of the show that night. That would make a good show.   Like, footage from the cool venue, and then I would go and check out the cool restaurant, and chat with the chef, whatever. I could film at this tour. I should just get a GoPro and film it. I should sell it to Food Network. That would be rad. 

Photo Credit Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio