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Israel's Maor Levi has described his music as "everything-step" - and he wasn't kidding. With not only big support from Anjunabeats and beyond (that includes Above & Beyond), Maor has remixed for artists like Gabriel & Dresden, The Killers, and Skrillex's OWSLA label ... he tells us he likes the "bass-y" stuff.

We caught up with Maor, after his set on the trance addicts stage at TomorrowWorld where he talked about touring with his buddies Norin & Rad on the Anjunabeats tour, his favorite airport food, who he'd like to work with, and the most random song in his iTunes library. Find out what he had to say:

You've just finished up your Anjunabeats Tour with Norin & Rad. How was it?

Yeah, it was good.  All the shows were good. People were really happy with the music. It was the perfect balance to put us both on this tour. It was fun.  

What was the best part about touring with those guys?

That they're my friends. Like we were friends for a long time, so you know, it’s just funny. We just blend so well. So we do funny stuff and we help each other all the time. 

On a tour like that, you’re going from airport to airport, so what is your favorite airport food to eat? 

I think my favorite one was JFK actually. Because they have Shake Shack. When I saw the Shake Shack, I was like “Okay, this is the best airport in the world.”  

What do you like most about being part of Anjunabeats?

It's like a big family, you know. It’s like everyone just helping everyone, supporting each other, and, that’s good music. All these artists are really talented, everyone is bringing something different. So, it is like a unique, big family, it's fun. 

You've described your music before as "everything-step," and today you played on the trance stage. It seems like people maybe put you into the trance category?

Well, to be honest, I've never been trance in my life. Like I used to listen to trance and I used to follow the trance industry, but production wise, I've never have like a full on trance record, you know. It was like progressive, maybe with a little bit of trance elements but it was always like you know, like progressive, towards like what you listen to now.  

What is the most random song in your iTunes library?

The Doors, "Whiskey Bar."  It's because I love whiskey but I love the Doors too.

The other day you tweeted:

So what is the most creative excuse that you've heard?

We were in Miami for Ultra. This one cab driver told me, well, I asked him “Why it’s taking so long, why is everything so slow?” And he was like “Ah, yeah. There was a boat in the middle of the road.” Just a boat in the middle of the road and they couldn’t move it for a few hours. I was like “Are you serious right now?” He was like “Yeah, I'm dead serious.” So that was like...a boat in the middle of the road?! I don't know, it just sounds … I think he just wanted more money on his counter that’s all. Just for a few hours. I mean come on, a f**king boat blocking the road? 

How do you like playing at these big festivals, now that you’ve played at TomorowWorld?  

My first festival was in Seattle. That was an indoor festival, so this is my first outdoor festival ever. It’s great. And I haven't been to Tomorrowland in Belgium, so I don't really know how to compare these two, but I heard it’s the first time here, so it’s f**king great. It’s really good. You can see there was a lot of effort put into it. 

What are you working on right now?

I have a few remixes, [a] few collaborations. I can't really say that much but I have a few singles coming. It should be good.

Is there anyone that you haven't worked with yet that you really want to work with?

Too many names. I mean, I would love to work with Mark Knight. I love Mark Knight. Like as a person, and as an artist. [He] always inspired me to do more stuff. I love Skrillex as well. Also the guys like The M Machine, Kill The Noise, all those guys. Like, I love that bass-y stuff.

And your buddy Borgore?  

Oh, yeah. Boragore is unique to his own. I think he brought something special. I would love to work with him as well. Him and A-Trak is sort of like a "Jewish House Mafia" thing. People say I look like A-Trak. I was like "Okay, I'm wishing that for real."  If I put the hat on and grow some more beard then, yeah, I look A-Trak. Yeah, I'd love to put something out with A-Trak, Borgore, the OWSLA guys, you know, I love that stuff.

Are you heading out on the road again soon on tour?

Yeah, we have the Morgan Page 3D tour coming in October. I’m gonna play with Morgan and Audien. It’s from mid-October to mid-November. It is gonna be a bus tour. Yeah, that’s gonna be interesting. A lot of cool visuals, good shows are in Texas, Miami. You know, it will be fun. 

What do you absolutely need to have with you, when you are on tour, on the bus?

Mostly my computer because otherwise, I’ll just go crazy without making music. I can get bored really easily from not doing anything, so I’ll just go and make music. But that’s good, like we’re just writing ideas or you know, just burning some time. So, it's always good.  

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