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Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose recently released their official wedding photo and now the rapper is speaking up about getting high on his big day.

In an interview with Wild 94.9's Nessa he revealed that he partook in his favorite past time throughout his wedding day.

“It was crazy. We was cutting up. And we was smoking weed the entire time,” he said.

He also explained how much he loves speeding time with his son, Sebastian.

“Yea I get to chill with my son, I be missing my son. He is the man. Girls love him,” he said.

“Now he’s got this thing where if I call him, I say ‘Sebastian, come here’ and he’ll be like ‘coming!’ Yea…at 18 months. It trips me out.”

He also weighed in on his wife’s new twerking video.

“We going to do a new one over ‘Ass Drop,’ that song that’s on the album. She was like ‘Dad can I do another twerk video?’ I was like, ‘Yea you good.’”

As far as his music goes, he’s hoping to get a big name to agree to his next collaboration.

“Madonna. She’s dope. I just like what she stands for,” he said.

“I feel like her attitude and her spirit, we share the same views on life.”

Watch the full interview below:

Photo: Getty Images