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If he’s said it once, he’s said it a thousand times. “Keep my name outcha mouth!” Well apparently Apollo wasn’t listening.

Rapper T.I. allegedly confronted "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reality star, Apollo Nida for insinuating that he was a “snitch” during his legal problems in 2007.

Nida explained via Twitter that he wasn’t an “informant” and that it was standard procedure: “Ur dumb as f- its standard language in a federal plea agreement Michael Vicks TI’s plea It’s the same language different charge.”

T.I.’s friend Killer Mike snapped a photo of the reality star apologizing to the Atlanta rapper for comments he made earlier this week to the media, “Phaedra’s Husband Apollo Apologize’n for some stoopid s–t he said to TMZ man this ni**a smh.#Clown.”

T.I.’s plea agreement with the Feds does NOT include a so-called snitching clause.  So he had to let Apollo know …with a public parking lot confrontation. Not sure what was said, but we can imagine that the Trap Boy came out in T.I. who had friends and his wife Tiny by his side during the conversation.

Nida has since deleted the tweet safe to say he won’t be saying, tweeting, or even thinking anything about T.I. again.

He instantly went to Twitter to apologize as well. Lesson learned.

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