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Brian Williams “rapped” the Snoop Dogg song “Gin and Juice” on Monday’s “Tonight Show,” thanks to the creative editing by Jimmy Fallon’s staff.

The lyrics — some of them inappropriate — were spliced together from many different “NBC Nightly News” broadcasts anchored by the often serious Williams.

After showing the clip, Williams stopped by the "Tonight Show" set to “complain.”

“I’m downstairs, I’m doing the [Nightly News] broadcast that pays for your ‘hobby,’ and people think I have somehow colluded into the making of these videos,” he said.

“Let’s be clear — I’ve never said ‘hippity,’” added Williams.

This isn’t the first time Fallon has had his fun with Williams’ broadcasts.

The “Tonight Show” host has been doing this to him for years. Williams’ last“performance” on the show was “Rapper’s Delight.”

Check out the hilarious video below!