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Britney Spears may be busy making major money as a Vegas entertainer right now, but that doesn't mean that’s she completely given up on her first career as a professional pop star.

The 32-year-old has confirmed that she’s re-signed with RCA Records, who took over her contract after Jive folded in 2011. She’s also writing new music, but no plans for a new studio album have been announced yet.

“In my off-time I do record,” Spears told Variety. “Once in a while I’ll just go into the studio if there’s a really good song that I have in my head and want to do. I think as artists you’re constantly in creative motion. If I stopped writing songs then that’s a part of me that would stop in my life, and I need constant motion… I’m definitely more in a creative space now. You have more time to go there spiritually in your home with a piano than you would being in a hotel room.”

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