Game of Thrones fans are warned that the fourth season of the hit HBO show may stray from the books.

The show has been faithful to the George RR Martin’s book series “Song of Fire and Ice” for the past three seasons, but according to Maisie Williams (who plays Arya Stark), writers David Benioff and Dan Weiss are making some changes. The changes will have fans a bit confused, but they are trying to keep things interesting. 

There is already a difference in the first episode of the newest season and the books:

SPOILER: If you watched the end of the episode, Arya Stark killed Polliver, the man that killed her friend and stole Needle. However, The Hound originally killed Polliver in the books. The intent is to show Arya’s character growth from the first season, but maybe not in the best way.

Game of Thrones premiere episode is HBO’s most-watched program after The Sopranos final episode! The fourth season premiered this weekend April 6th and brought in 6.6 million viewers. If you include the two replays after the show, the night had a total of 8.2 million viewers. The streaming service, HBO Go even had a “fatal error” after the high and “overwhelming demand” for the premiere. Every one must have been so anxious to see their Khaleesi and what’s left of the Stark family!

If you didn’t hear already, GoT got renewed for not just a fifth season, but also a sixth! They are infamous for killing off main characters, and with two more seasons... who will be left?! Who do you think they will kill off next?